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Installation Overview -- Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview -- Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma

If you arrive by commercial airline, at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City to come to Enid from Oklahoma City(transportation is available by bus through Enid Public Authority System 580-233-RIDE. The cost is $100.00 one way).It's very important to coordinate your travel plans with your sponsor. They might be willing to pick you up.

Also the Woodring Airport Shuttle is available for $5.00 to Vance Air Force Base, Tulsa 24 hours a day, seven days a week with connections to Amtrak and bus station. Call 580-402-0339. The cost is $85.00 one way to OKC. The cost for Tulsa is $100.00,second person is $50.00. Please call ahead to make arrangements. They meet you at the gate with a "your name" card. If you arrive earlier wait at the Travelers Aid stand. The Transfer runs Mon thru Sat.

If you are traveling by car, all highways are well marked. The main gate is on Pride Drive, (may still be listed as Fox Drive on maps), just off US Hwy 81 south of Enid. The Security Police at the main gate will issue you a visitor's pass for your vehicle if you don't already have a sticker. You will be directed to base lodging, Bldg 714.

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