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Installation Overview --Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida

Tyndall Air Force Base is located on the Gulf of Mexico, in the Florida panhandle, 12 miles east of Panama City on Highway 98 or locally known as Tyndall Parkway. Tyndall can also be reached via I-10, exit highway 231 South to Panama City, then exit left on Transmitter Road to Highway 98, then left on Highway 98 and go 6 miles to Tyndall AFB.

If arriving at the Panama City International Airport which is located on Airport Road, approximately 15 miles from the base, transportation can be arranged through a commercial taxi. A taxi courtesy phone is located in the main lobby of the airport. Fare to the base is approximately $25.00. The Bay Town Trolley does not go to the base.

If driving by car: Highway access is via U.S. Highways 98 and 231, as well as State Routes 20, 22, 77, and 79. Interstate 10 is approximately 45 miles north of Panama City. U.S. Highway 98 is the only highway to and from the base. If arriving via U.S. Highway 231 from the north, you must access East US Highway 98. Tyndall is about 13 miles east of Panama City and 20 miles west of Port St. Joe.

The Greyhound Bus Station located in downtown Panama City is about 12 miles from Tyndall. There is no city bus service to the base. Taxi fare to the base is about $22.00.

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