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Installation Overview -- Tinker Air Force Base,Oklahoma


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview -- Tinker Air Force Base,Oklahoma

Tinker AFB is located in MidWest City, Oklahoma.
The location is south of I-40 and to the East of I-35. You will see many signs on both I-40 & I-35 for Tinker AFB.

From I-40 you can access the base from several Gates including "Eaker" and "Air Depot." Each of these are their own exits.

From Sooner Road you will access the base by "Sooner" Gate.

If you wish to go to Bldg 3001 you would take I-40 to Douglas Blvd. Go South approximately in 1/2 mile and you will see the Douglas gate on your right

Tinker AFB is only 15 minutes away from Downtown Oklahoma City and all the attractions it includes.

Tinker is approximately 3 hours southwest of Tulsa Oklahoma and approximately 3 hours North of Dallas/Ft Worth on I-35.

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