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Installation Overview -- Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany


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Installation Overview -- Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany

Bitburg Housing

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Housing Management Office assists military members in securing a home on base or on the economy. This service is available to members who are command-sponsored or have an approved non-availability letter. There are some landlords who will not accept pets. The Housing Referral Office is located in Bldg 454 in the military housing area on Spangdahlem. They are open Mon-Fri 0800-1600 and closed on German and American holidays. For information about housing, call 452-6560 or 011-49-06565-61-6560.

Mandatory housing has been lifted. Accompanied members may choose to live in government-controlled quarters or may live in the community. Unaccompanied E4s with less than 3 Years of Service and below must report to Central Dormitory Management, Building 335. SSgt selects and E4s with over 3 years of service will be living off base and can only stay in the dorms if space is available.

Both Spangdahlem and the Bitburg Annex housing are set up as stairwell units, with 3 floors at Spangdahlem and 4 floors at Bitburg. Government leased housing consist of town homes and four-plex units in three different off-base locations.

Members desiring base housing should submit an advanced application (DD 1746) through the housing office at their losing base. Effective date will be the first day of the month, one month prior to your arrival. You will need two copies of your orders. Members not submitting an advance application may complete the DD 1746 in our office and will be added to the waiting list on that date.

For two and three bedroom units, the wait is 30 days or less. For four bedroom units, the wait is approximately 45 days. For 5-Bedroom qualified members, the wait is normally 18 months. If necessary, the Housing Office will assist you in making temporary housing arrangements. Some hotels offer short-term leases if lodging issues you a non-availability statement.

The Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) is centrally managed at Spangdahlem. There are ten UPH buildings that house over 786 people on Eifel East (Spangdahlem), while Eifel West (Bitburg) has one apartment style facility housing over 60 people. All UPH residents have single, private rooms in modern facilities that provide a comfortable home. The wing has four new 1+1 facilities where residents have a private room, but share a kitchenette and bathroom. All UPH's are centrally located near base bus routes with spacious day rooms, laundry rooms, and storage space.

E4 and below UPH residents who wish to reside off base with entitlements may fill out a BAH application through the Central Dormitory Management Office located in building 335. The housing director may authorize BAH releases if the wing wide UPH occupancy rates are above 90%. BAH is released by date of rank, with the most senior member on the waiting list offered the first opportunity to move.

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