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Installation Overview -- Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview -- Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas

Sheppard AFB is in Wichita Falls, Texas, and situated approximately 130 miles between Dallas and Oklahoma City.

At present, the only commercial airline serving Wichita Falls Municipal Airport is the American Eagle. Commercial taxi service is available from the airport to the base (approximately two miles).

If your flight takes you to the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, van or air transportation is available to Sheppard AFB.

If you are arriving by personal vehicle, all highways leading to the base are well marked. The main gate is on State Hwy 240, off I-44 (U.S. Hwys 287 and 281). The Missile Road exit off I-44 may also be used to arrive at the base. Visitors passes for privately-owned vehicles can be obtained at the Visitor's Center outside the main gate.

If arriving by bus, you will get off at the Texas-New Mexico & Oklahoma Coaches bus terminal located at 1406 14th Street. Sheppard is located six miles from the bus terminal. Take Broad Street (U.S. 287N) until you see signs for Sheppard AFB.

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