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Installation Overview -- Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina


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Child Care
Installation Overview -- Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina

Shaw Air Force Base's summer children's reading program particpants surround Command CMSgt. Lefford Fate after receiving their certificates.

Photo courtesy U.S Air Force; Photo credit: Senior Airman David Minor

Child Care is provided on base through the Child Development Center and through the Family Child Care programs.

Child Development Center programs are conducted in a new "state of the art" facility and meet Air Force certification standards and are nationally accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The center provides care for children (ages: 6 weeks to 6 years) to include full-time day care, hourly care, respite care, before and after school care for kindergarten age children, and a full day kindergarten program. The center is located next to the Youth Center in the housing area. Advance reservations are accepted for hourly care. Enrollment for other programs is accepted daily. Contact the Child Development Center at your current base for application and procedures. Full day care Spaces: 286. Enroll in person or contact the CDC for additional information. Contact the center if special needs are required. Hourly care: $2.25 per hour/per child available on a space-available basis. Reservations are accepted 2 weeks in advance.

Family Child Care (FCC) providers are Air Force certified and licensed to care for children 2 weeks through 12 years in government quarters. This program expands the availability of child care and is an integral part of the Shaw AFB Child Development program providing both weekly and occasional hourly care. Providers also assure flexibility for those parents who need extended hours and adapt their programs to meet the needs of customers including 24 hour and weekend care. For additional information, tour of homes, or an updated listing of FCC providers, contact the FCC Coordinator at (803) 895-1212.

The Youth Center provides activities for youth ages 6 through 12 (the CDC provides before and after school programming for kindergarten children). The school age program is Air Force certified, meets compliance standards under the USDA Food Service Program and is nationally accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, a division of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The program offers before and after school care with age appropriate activities and programs. Full day camps are also provided for school-aged children during the summer months and school holidays. These camps provide various activities, field trips, and special project events. Fees for these programs are based on total family income.

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