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Installation Overview -- Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina


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Installation Overview -- Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina

Housing units for enlisted and junior officers

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Seymour Johnson has 1,665 family housing units; 1,465 are Capehart units in Berkeley Village and 200 units in Wayne Manor. Many of the older Capehart homes are under going major renovations. However, the wait time is within 30-60 days for most of the categories. Types of homes are subject to rank and family needs.

The base has Chief Prestige's units, 40 four-bedroom units for senior NCOs, E-7 through E-9. These duplex units are located in Wayne Manor. The base has 136 three-bedroom units for senior NCOs, (64 single L-shaped units and 72 duplexes). The remaining junior enlisted housing units are duplexes, 40 four bedrooms, 851 three-bedrooms, and 436 two bedrooms.
Officer housing consists of the following units: 6 senior officers; four-bedroom units, 18 field grade four-bedroom, 17 field grade three-bedroom, 5 company grade four-bedroom units, 100 company grade three-bedroom units, and one company grade two-bedroom.

The field grade four-bedroom units are located in Wayne Manor. The majority of the three-bedroom field grade and company units are single L-shaped units with the exception of 10 duplex units.
Housing units are equipped with refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and central heating/air conditioning.

Single permanent-party officers and enlisted members in the rank of E-4 and above must report to the housing office to process for off-base quarters.

Single enlisted members in the ranks of E-1 to E-3 reside in 9 dormitories. The dormitories have rooms that open to outside walkways, and the older dormitory has rooms that open to a central hallway. Both kinds have community recreation rooms. All dormitories have semi-private baths. Two additional quadraplex dormitories consisting of 72 rooms each will be added to unaccompanied housing inventory. BAH applications are available through the dorm managers. Single airmen and airmen married with a military spouse at Seymour Johnson should return BAH applications to the housing office for processing. Married military couples initiate a letter at their orderly room(s) verifying marital status and hand carry the letter to the housing office. For more information call the housing office DSN 722-0362 or commercial (919) 722-0362.

Off base housing services is located in the Housing Management Office, 1500 Vermont Garrison Street. Everyone with the exception of those being immediately assigned dormitory space or on base family housing must check with housing office for a briefing and counseling prior to seeking off base housing. The current inventory includes traditional apartments, duplex, triplex, townhouses and single unit rental homes. The average rental price is $500 - $1300 per month plus utilities. Unfurnished apartments are readily available. Rental homes are plentiful. Most rentals require yearly leases, which include the military clause. The housing office has limited list of housing available without a one year lease.

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