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Installation Overview --Scott Air Force Base, Illinois


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Installation Overview --Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

Colonial Housing at Scott AFB

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

In January, 2006, housing at Scott Air Force Base was privatized. Upon arrival, stop by the Military Housing Management Office for a housing referral. From there you'll be directed to The Landings at Scott office to complete the leasing process. The phone number is 618-746-4911, fax is 618-746-4910.

Work has begun to provide twenty-first century housing for military families assigned to Scott. By the end of 2009, a total of 1593 homes, most of them either newly constructed or renovated, will fulfill the housing needs of Scott AFB community. New homes with amenities such as eat-in kitchens, walk-in closets and two car garages as well as the distinctive historic homes which have graced Scott for the last seventy years.

Existing communities are welcoming upgrades such as backyard fences, enhanced storage and covered patios. Additional interior enhancements are scheduled in a number of homes.

Patriots Landing will house enlisted and Junior NCO families in 818 homes, including 332 four bedroom homes, as compared to the existing 35 four bedrooms.The Georgian Senior NCO neighborhood consists of the existing 50 historic homes. Historic Colonial Housing including General Officer and Senior Officer duplex homes and Triplex Officer Homes are scheduled for renovation.

Military personnel assigned to Scott AFB with the grade of E1 and above, and accompanied by dependents, are eligible to apply for base housing. Single personnel will be housed in dormitory facilities.

Requests for housing such as medical priorities (one-story or specific location), or retention of quarters, must be submitted in writing to the Housing Manager with supporting documents. Request based on medical reason must be endorsed by the Scott Medical Group Commander.

The dormitories at Scott AFB house unaccompanied Airmen with rank of E-1 through E-4. There are currently three dormitories at Scott with ground breaking of a fourth "quad-style" dormitory to begin in 2007. The existing dormitories offer single-living quarters with shared bathroom suites. One of the three dormitories also offers a shared kitchenette area with refrigerator, sink, stove and table seating. Currently the dorms offer housing to 414 residents. The dormitories also have common area day rooms, TV lounges, laundry rooms, and fitness areas. Future plans are to incorporate an internet cafe, stadium-seating theater, sports lounge and arcade.

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