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Installation Overview --Scott Air Force Base, Illinois


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Main Phone Numbers
Installation Overview --Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

Tech Sgt. JL Smith, an in-flight refueling specialist with the 906th Air Refueling Squadron

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force photo by: Master Sgt. Ken Stephens

All phone numbers are listed as commericial -- (618) XXX-XXXX.
DSN numbers where available -- 576-XXXX.

Airmen & Family Readiness Center 256-8668

Base Exchange 744-9830

Base Honor Guard 256-4586

Base Information/Locator 256-1110

Billeting Office (Scott Inn) 256-1844

Child Development Center 256-2669

Civilian Personnel 256-3914

Clinic Appointment 256-9355

Clinic Appointment (St Elizabeth) 388-5539

Clothing Sales (Military) 256-2131

Commissary 256-2783

Customer Service (Military Personnel) 256-1845

Dental Clinic 256-6667

Desk Sergeant (Security Police) 256-2223

Education Office 256-3327

Family Practice (St Elizabeth) 256-7311

Lodging 256--1844

Medical Appointment 256-9355

Optometry Clinic 256-7354

Pharmacy, Main 256-7371

Pharmacy, Refill 256-7400

Scott AFB Telephone Operator 256-1110

Scott Inn (Lodging) 256-1844

Scott Clinic Information (Staffed by volunteers) 256-7500

Veterinary Clinic 746-2168

Visitor Control Center (Shiloh Gate) 256-6663

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