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Installation Overview --Scott Air Force Base, Illinois


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

Scott AFB is in Illinois about 20 miles east of St. Louis near Belleville. The Shiloh Gate entrance is 1.5 miles southeast of Interstate 64 (Exit 19A) at Route 158.

If arriving at Lambert -St. Louis International Airpor the quickest way to get to the base is via MetroLink. Take MetroLink to the Shiloh-Scott MetroLink Station. The one-way trip takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Once at the Shiloh-Scott Station, you should have your military identification and current orders ready for the security forces member. If security forces are not at the location, pick up the direct telephone line and follow the instructions for access.

The following entry procedures are to be used by all personnel requiring entry onto Scott AFB through the Metrolink Gate:

Personnel authorized unescorted access to the installation as defined in SAFBI 31-101, Installation Security Instruction, Chapter 6, are authorized and encouraged to enroll in the Biometrics Hand Geometry entry system. Enrollment is completed at the 375th Security Forces Squadron's Pass and Registration Section located in the Visitors Center located at the Shiloh Gate. Only personnel enrolled in the Biometrics entry system are authorized to sponsor guests onto the installation through the Metrolink Gate. Others not enrolled may use their military ID cards to be read by the 375 SFS desk.

To reach Scott AFB by car from St. Louis-Lambert Airport, you can go two ways:

Leave the airport on I 270 going toward Illinois. Exit on 255 traveling towards Memphis and exit on I64 East. Exit I64 East at exit 19 A (Scott AFB exit sign will be seen). Once through the gate, lodging is on the right at the first light.
Take I70 East from the airport. Exit on I64 East going to Illinois/Louisville Kentucky. Exit I64 East at 19A (Scott AFB exit sign will be seen). Follow it, turn left into Scott AFB, and go to the gate. After passing the gate, you will see Lodging or the Scott Inn at the first light to the right.

If you are driving to Scott, there are several routes you can take to get to the base. However, the primary highway is Interstate 64. Take I-64 to Exit 19A (Scott AFB/Route 158). Continue straight until you reach the second stoplight (Seibert Road) and turn left, continuing straight to the Shiloh Gate.When you arrive at the gate, have your military identification ready to show the security forces member. If you have any questions, contact your gaining sponsor.

Scott AFB Gates
Shiloh Gate with the Visitor's Center connects with IL 158 and Hwy 64.
Belleville Gate is on the South side of the base connecting with IL 161.
Mascoutah Gate will be open to POVs for exit only during peak hours.
Patriot's Landing Gate is normally closed to all traffic.

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