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Installation Overview --Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado

Schriever Air Force Base is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the second largest city in Colorado and located 80 miles south of Denver International Airport.

DIRECTIONS FROM AIRPORT: The Colorado Springs airport is located southwest of Schriever AFB. Following the road exiting the airport, turn right on Powers Blvd. Stay on Powers approximately 7 miles, until you reach Platte Avenue. Turn right; stay on Platte until you get to HWY 94 and make a right. Stay on HWY 94 for about 10 miles until you get to Enoch Road. Make a right on Enoch. Approximately 2 miles down the road, the main gate and Pass and Registration will be on your left. Drive past the entrance to the Main Gate and turn left at the Visitor's Center.

DIRECTIONS IF DRIVING: Entering Colorado Springs on I-25 from either the south or north, exit on Academy Blvd. If you enter the city from North Academy Blvd., head south towards Platte Avenue. If you enter the city from south Academy Blvd., head North to Platte Avenue. Turn east on Platte Avenue (Hwy 24). Turn right on Marksheffel then left on to Highway 94. Continue to Enoch road, make a right turn until you get to Pass and Registration on your left.

If coming from the east on Interstate 70, go south on Highway 71 to Highway 94. When you get to Enoch Road, make a left to the Main Gate to Schriever AFB.

If coming from the west on Highway 24, follow the signs to stay on Highway 24 through the city. Take Platte Avenue east to Highway 94. Make a right turn onto Highway 94, and continue on the road until you reach Enoch Road. Make a right on Enoch until you reach the Main Gate.

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