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Installation Overview -- Randolph Air Force Base, Texas


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Installation Overview -- Randolph Air Force Base, Texas

Randolph Elementary School

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Randolph AFB school is small with only a few hundred students and many classes have 15-25 students. Marion High School and Samuel Clemens High School are in small communities and also have small student bodies. Most high schools in San Antonio area are very large. Judson High School, which is the closest to RAFB has a student body of approximately 4,000 in its two campuses. One campus houses 9th and 10th grades while the other houses 11th and 12th grades. A large number of these students are RAFB dependents.

Birth certificates are required for children enrolling in the school for the first time. State law makes it mandatory for parents to present sufficient evidence that the child has been protected against polio, diphtheria, pertusis, tetanus, red measles (rubella) and tuberculosis (PPD Mntoux). Children will not be allowed to start school until necessary immunizations have been obtained and actual dates have been provided to the school.

Many good private schools are available in the San Antonio area. Private schools are licensed by the Department of Education and are required to provide a program of instruction equivalent to the minimum standards established by the state.

The focal point for all adult education programs at Randolph AFB is the Base Education Office. Professional guidance counselors are available for active duty members and dependents on a walk-in, space available basis. Complete testing facilities are available to include CLEP, Excelsior Exam, SAT, and other specialized tests. Information pertaining to financial aid is available to all personnel, and tuition assistance is authorized for active duty.

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