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Installation Overview --Ramstein Air Base, Germany


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview --Ramstein Air Base, Germany

Ramstein Inn

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Most newcomers will spend their first night with the Ramstein billeting and lodging service or in the dorm hospitality rooms. Your sponsor most likely has made arrangements for you. To check on your reservation,you may contact the Ramstein Billeting Office at 011-49-6371-47-4920 or the Ramstein Dorm Reception Center, 011-49-6371-473676 or DSN 314-480-3676.

The Ramstein Inn operates six lodging facilities and four Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs) on four different installations (Ramstein, Vogelweh, Sembach, and Landstuhl). Contact information for temporary lodging is as follows: Ramstein Inns Central Reservation Office DSN 305 480-4920 or COM 011-49-6371-47-4920; Ramstein Inns-North DSN 305 480-4900 or COM 011-49-6371-47-4900; Ramstein Inns-South DSN 2408 480-4900 or COM 011-49-6371-47-4900; Ramstein Inns-Prime Knight DSN 540 480-4900 or COM 011-49-6371-47-4900; Ramstein Inns-Landstuhl DSN 3752 491-4600 or COM 011-49-6371-907-4610; Ramstein Inns-Vogelweh DSN 1002 489-8900 or COM 011-49-6315-36-8900; Ramstein Inns-Sembach DSN 216 496-8500 or COM 011-49-6302-67-8500; Ramstein Dormitory Reception Center (DRC) Dorm 2413, Rm. 175 DSN 480-3676 or COM 011-49-6371-47-3676.

Please keep in mind that pets are not allowed in billeting.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) varies for each individual based on the availability of housing at the time of your arrival. TLA may be authorized for up to 60 days while aggressively seeking housing. If you decline to accept government quarters when offered, you may have your TLA stopped. Check with housing office within two days of arrival to be briefed on eligibility and procedures.

IMPORTANT: Single or unaccompanied military members in grades E-1 through E-3 and E-4s with less than 3 years service ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TEMPORARY LODGING ALLOWANCE. When the sponsor meets the unaccompanied member at the airport, the first stop on base should be the Dormitory Reception Center (DRC) to be assigned a room. If individual arrives on a weekend, holiday or down day, sponsor can stop by DRC one day prior to get keys to a hospitality room until the member is able to contact DRC.

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