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Installation Overview -- Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina


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Installation Overview -- Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina

Pope Elementary, grades K-5, for children living on Base

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

When arriving at Pope it is critical to find a home as fast as possible. If staying on-base at the Carolina Inn, because you are on-base, on government property, children cannot be enrolled in local schools. If you will not receive on-base housing within 90 days, they cannot be enrolled in the DODEA run Pope Elementary School. Basically, they are without a school. If you are in temporary lodging off-base you may enroll your child(ren) in the school whose area serves the hotel. Once you find a house you need present the school that serves your new area with a rental agreement or purchase agreement form and your child can be enrolled. Call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at Pope AFB if you have questions regarding this policy.

The Fort Bragg School System operates one elementary school at Pope, as well as one middle school, one junior high school and six additional elementary schools on Fort Bragg. Both Cumberland County and Fort Bragg schools are fully accredited by the State of North Carolina and the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges.

Students living on base housing will attend:

Pope Elementary School - Located on Pope AFB, adjacent to base housing, it serves children from grades kindergarten to fourth.

Irwin Middle School - Located on Fort Bragg, it serves children in grades five and six. Students will be bused from Pope AFB.

Albritton Junior High School - Located on Fort Bragg, it serves children from grades seven to nine. Students will be bused from Pope AFB.

E. E. Smith High School - Children in grades ten to twelve and living in base housing will be bused to CumberlandCounty Schools E. E. Smith High School.

There are a great number of private schools in the Fayetteville area. Most have church affiliation, some are secular. Tuition rates vary greatly. If you make inquiries to private schools, be sure to find out if bus transportation is available and the cost. Ask about accreditation.

A wide range of adult education courses, to include undergraduate and graduate, are available through the education centers at Pope and Fort Bragg. In addition, several colleges and universities in the area offer both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. On Pope, Fayetteville Technical Community College, Central Texas College, Campbell University and the Community College of the Air Force offer undergraduate programs. Schools that conduct graduate programs on base include Webster University and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Other local area schools that conduct regionally accredited two-year programs and/or graduate and undergraduate programs include: Methodist College and Fayetteville State University. Professional counselors are available for assistance at the Pope Education Center. For more information, contact the Pope Education Office at 384 Maynard St., Suite A, Pope AFB, N.C. 28308-2373; Telephone (910) 394-4692 or DSN 424-4692; FAX: (910) 394-1138 or DSN 424-1138.

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