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Installation Overview --Patrick Air Force Base, Florida


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Installation Overview --Patrick Air Force Base, Florida

Airman 1st Class Gary Patterson reads a book to pre-school children as part of a community involvement effort created by the First Term Airmen Course.

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Tech. Sgt. Lisa Luse'

There are no schools on Patrick Air Force Base. Children living in Patrick AFB Housing areas will attend the following schools:

Elementary Schools:

Privatized Housing (north side of Privatized Housing): Sea Park Elementary School

Privatized Housing (south of Privatized Housing): Holland Elementary School

North and Central Housing: Roosevelt School Elementary(Busing Required)

Junior High Schools

Privatized Housing: DeLaura Junior High School

Central and North Housing: Students in 7th grade will attend Cocoa Beach High School

High Schools

Privatized Housing: Satellite Beach High School

North and Central Housing: Cocoa Beach High School

All parents who implement a Home Education Program must comply with requirements prescribed by law or rules of the state board, included but not limited to compulsory attendance and record keeping. Also, schools will not award high school credit in grades 9-12 for instruction in a Home Education Program. There are specific rules and guidelines that can be obtained from the school board. Additional support and guidance for home educators can be obtained by calling the local chapter of the Florida Parent Educators Association at (321)723-1714.

Most of the private schools listed also have day care services or preschool classes for children younger than five. Many have before and after-school childcare programs.

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