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Installation Overview --Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska


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Child Care
Installation Overview --Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska

Pearl, a mime, lets Kaydence Erickson, 3, smell a rose after giving her a clown nose during their performance at the Offutt Youth Center.

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; Photo credit: Josh Plueger

The Offutt Child Development Center (CDC) is located in Building 5096 at 25th Street and Kennedy Drive. They can be reached at 402-294-2203. The Center is DoD certified.

There is an additional CDC location on base now that can house 396 children. The Enrichment Center Pre-School has also moved into the new building.

The CDC provides full-time care for children 6 weeks through five years old on a space available basis. Hourly care for children 10 months to 10 years of age is available but reservations are required and space is limited. Additional programs include the Offutt Enrichment Center's developmental preschool for ages 3 - 5, Extended Duty Care and the Give Parents a Break program.

The CDC has a waiting list. To get your name on the list before you get here, visit the CDC at your losing base and ask for an Air Force Form 2606. The form can then be mailed or faxed to the Offutt CDC.

Fees are figured on DOD Uniformed Fees and Charges and are based on total family income.


Offutt has 28 providers who do child care in their homes under the Family Child Care Program - most in base housing. When you arrive on base, you may pick up a current list of providers from the Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC).

The A&FRC can also give you a certificate for 20 hours of free child care for each of your children, to be used during the first 60 days you are on station. This is an Air Force Aid Society outreach program for Air Force active duty only, and all ranks are eligible.

The Youth Center offers a before and after school activities program for 130-135 children, ages 5-12. The program includes transportation to and from eight elementary schools in the local area. It is important that immunizations are current.

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) will pay up to a limit of $500 for respite care of a special needs family member. The family must apply for the respite care assistance through the Family Advocacy office at the Ehrling Bergquist Clinic, 402-294-7886. A certificate is issued, which they then bring to the A&FRC where a casefile will be opened. The family can then arrange for the respite care (not available on base) and the provider is reimbursed with an AFAS check.

The Bellevue Schools offers an early childhood development through activities like drop-in playgroups, homemade toy crafts, learning to read and other parental support. Family nights and home visits are available to help newcomers settle into the community. You can contact the schools office at 402-293-4000 or talk to them while you're at the Offutt Welcome Center located in the BPS headquarters building.

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