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Installation Overview --Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska


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Installation Overview --Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska

State flags welcome those entering the Kenney Gate at Offutt

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Offutt Air Force Base is a U.S. Air Force installation near Omaha, and lies adjacent to Bellevue in Sarpy County, Nebraska. It is home of the 55th Wing, the Fightin' Fifty-Fifth, and a several tenant units. Offutt's diverse missions and global responsibilities put it on the cutting edge of the Air Force's transformation. Each branch of the US military is represented among the military and federal employees assigned here. Offutt is a beautiful community seated near the Missouri River in the rolling hills of southeastern Nebraska.

Offutt Air Force Base was named in honor of World War I pilot 1st Lt. Jarvis Offutt who was an Omaha native. Offutt's legacy includes the construction of the first two bombers to drop atomic bombs and over 40 years as the headquarters for the former Strategic Air Command (SAC) and home for its associated ground and aerial command centers for the U.S. in case of nuclear war during the Cold War.

In 2005, Offutt began several major renovations. The on-base Wherry housing area was demolished for replacement with new housing. A new fire house, AAFES mini-mall, and U.S. Post Office were completed in 2006. Additionally, the Air Force Weather Agency broke ground on a new facility which was completed in 2008.

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