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Installation Overview --Moody Air Force Base, Georgia


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Installation Overview --Moody Air Force Base, Georgia


Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Senior Airman Brittany Barker

The Moody School Board Liaisons Council (MSBLC) represents military family interests with local schools. The majority of children of personnel assigned to Moody AFB are supported by Lowndes County School System and Valdosta City Schools. Personnel also reside in surrounding Berrien and Lanier Counties. Children must attend the school in the district in which they live.

Duties of the Moody school board liaison include forming a strong working relationship with local school boards and providing input on issues of concern to military families. The liaison gathers information relating to military families and presents that information to school boards for potential actions. The liaison relays information from the school boards back to command and from command back to the school boards. Facts surrounding claims of inadequate resource allocation for military schools and children are explored by the liaison. The Mission Support Squadron Commander is the liaison for Moody. Students entering the first grade must be six years old by September 1. The school your child attends will be based on where you reside.

The Valdosta City Council recently completed a rezoning project which resulted in the annexation of several neighborhoods into the city and the Valdosta City school system. Some of these neighborhoods are located near schools that are part of the Lowndes County school system. As you go about finding your new home, the Team Moody Family Support Center (FSC) and Moody School Board Liaison
Committee (MSBLC) strongly recommends that you call the Valdosta City (245-5640) and Lowndes County (245-2257) Transportation Office to make certain that your new home is located in the school district of your choice. Tuition may be charged beginning with the 2006-07 academic year for those students not residing in the school system in which they attend classes.

Parents should get the information in writing who they contacted concerning their housing district and what school their children will attend (to include the date, time and individual's name who gave them the information).

Private Schools (faith-based or non-denominational) in the local community are also an option for military dependent children.

Home schooling is an extremely popular option in this area of the country. Information about home schooling is available on the Georgia Dept of Education website as well as Georgia Home Education Association, a Christian association. Information is also available through local home schooling associations such as South Georgia Homeschool Association, Fellowship and Information to Teaching Homes, faith-based, and Valdosta Area Homeschooling Association.

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