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Installation Overview --Moody Air Force Base, Georgia


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Installation Overview --Moody Air Force Base, Georgia

Single Airman Dorms E1 - E-3

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Moody Air Force Base (AFB)housing office is located in Building 119. They can be contacted at 229-257-4417 or DSN 312-460-4417. Waiting time for privatized family housing can vary.

As of 1 March 2004, Moody AFB privatized all of the family housing units and conveyed them to a private owner, American Eagle Communities. The leasing agent is Moody Family Housing, LLC. Privatized Family Housing includes 32 officer and 271 enlisted units. Advance housing applications may be made by taking one copy of your orders to the housing office at your current duty station and completing an advanced application. Hardship requests may be submitted.

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