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Installation Overview --Moody Air Force Base, Georgia


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview --Moody Air Force Base, Georgia

The Moody Inn

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Moody Inn (Billeting Office) is located at 3131 Coney Street, Moody AFB, 229-257-3893 DSN: 460-3893. Moody lodging is comprised of 32 Family units, 17 Visiting Airmen Quarters (VAQ) units, 30 Visiting Officers Quarters (VOQ) units, and 9 Distinguished Visiting Airmen Quarters (DVAQ)/Distinguished Visiting Officer Quarters (DVOQ) units. Each VOQ unit is furnished with a refrigerator, a range top, a microwave oven, a television and a VCR. VAQ units are furnished with a television, VCR, microwave oven and a refrigerator. The office maintains a current list of area lodging with prices and locations in case there are no rooms available on base. Family units are available which consist of one or two bedrooms with a living room.

Temporary housing at Moody is limited. New arrivals should make arrangements for temporary lodging as soon as your arrival date is known. Reservations for temporary lodging can be made by calling the Moody Inn at (229) 257-3893, DSN 460-3893 or 1-888-235-6343. Pets are not allowed in billeting, however, house pets may be accepted at Grassy Pond Recreation Park, (229) 559-5840. Grassy Pond is a 500+ acre recreation area with a 275 acre pond that has 17 cabins, 39 RV/Tent sites, four group shelters and a recreational boat area.

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