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Installation Overview --Misawa Air Base, Japan


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Installation Overview --Misawa Air Base, Japan
Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Department of Defense operates three DoDDS facilities that serve the children of the American military and civilian personnel stationed at Misawa Air Base: Cummings Elementary School, Sollars Elementary School and Robert D. Edgren High School . The north area and the 800 area of housing are located in the Cummings Elementary School zone. Main base and off-base residents are in the Sollars Elementary School Zone. A school bus stops at the Misawa Inn for Cummings students living at the Navy or Misawa Inn. The School Liaison is available to answer any questions you may have concerning your child's school, DSN 315226-2624.

All students must have their immunizations updated and certified by the immunization personnel at the Misawa AB Hospital. School Officials require DoDDS Certificate of Immunization Form/DSPA 122.1 (Jan 94) at the time of registration. This form can be obtained at the school office. Contact the Immunization Clinic, DSN 315-226-6192 for more information.

Bus service to schools is available for off-base students and middle/high school students living in the North Area. The DoDEA Pacific Transportation Management Office (PACTMO) administers school bus transportation for Misawa AB. The Misawa Student Transportation Office (STO) will register authorized students, issue bus passes and assign students to buses. Please call DSN 315-226-9119 for more information on transporting students to school.

Higher educational opportunities for those in the military and working for the Department of Defense, as well as for family members at Misawa are available through several contracted academic institutions.

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