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Installation Overview --Misawa Air Base, Japan


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Installation Overview --Misawa Air Base, Japan

Misawa housing offers over 2000 modern apartments and townhouses

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

All military members and Department of Defense civilians with command-sponsored dependents, regardless of grade, are eligible to apply for base housing at Misawa AFB. As soon as you know you are coming to Misawa, you should contact the housing office, Navy billeting or Air Force dormitory. There is a two pet limit per household for on-base quarters. Family housing is not always immediately available upon your arrival to Misawa. Currently, the estimated waiting period for 2 and 3 bedroom units for all ranks is 0-30 days, 4 bedroom units for all ranks except Field Grade Officers is 0-45 days, 3 and 4 bedroom Field Grade Officers is 30 -120 days. If on base family housing is unavailable within 30 days of when you arrive you will be placed on the waitlist, you should be prepared to secure a home in the community.

Family housing units on the base are located in two separate housing areas. One housing area is located on the main base, the second is located in north area, which is a 10 minute drive from the main base and contains housing, Cummings Elementary School, Zeamer Child Development Center, Freedom Fitness Center and a shopping complex.

You will want to supply your housing unit with a room fan as air-conditioners are not supplied or permitted. Ceiling fans may be already installed. Early summer months humid , while the winters are dry. Consider dehumidifiers for summer and humidifiers for winter.

Air Force Dormitories are available for unaccompanied or single Air Force personnel. It is mandatory for all E-4 and below to live in the dorms. Others are eligible based on space availability. Unaccompanied Air Force E-5 and above should expect to live in off base housing. When dorms are at capacity, E-4 and below can apply for approval to move off base. There are 795 rooms that are approximately 280 square feet. Each one is a private room with private bath. All rooms are fully furnished with refrigerator, microwave, desk/chair, full size bed, armoire, and night stand and/or wardrobe closet. For more information please contact the consolidated Dorm Manager DSN 315-226-4000.

At this time, Misawa has limited exceptional family member adaptable housing. The lack of modified housing is considered during the overseas travel clearance process for family members.

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