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Installation Overview --Misawa Air Base, Japan


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview --Misawa Air Base, Japan

The Misawa Inn offers 166 comfortable temporary living accomodatins.

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

On-base temporary living facilities (TLF) are limited to accompanied personnel and unaccompanied personnel E-5 and above. Single E-4 and below are not eligible for TLF and must go to Consolidated Dorm Management Office in Bldg. 671 for a dorm room assignment. TLF is authorized for 30 days and the wait for on base housing or search for off base housing should not take any longer than this period. On base TLF is normally available except in the heavy PCS season during the summer months. If unavailable, personnel can use one of the many hotels located off base.

The Misawa Inn is the main Lodging Office for the base. It is centrally located and walking distance from all the major services like the BX , commissary, post office, schools, gym, library, movie theater, bowling alley, hospital, and Family Support Center. Their office manages several buildings containing 188 rooms. They have a few rooms without kitchenettes that charge $23 a night. The rest of the rooms are apartment style and modern with a separate bedroom, living room, and full kitchen. Small family rooms cost $24.50 a night and large family rooms cost $32 a night because the couch and chair in the living room are pull out beds. The Misawa Inn also has the benefit of a game room, fitness room, laundry room, indoor playrooms, and complimentary table games, movies, and coffee.

For service members arriving with pets, the Misawa Inn has 10 apartment style rooms available that allow pets. These are located in several places around the base as they are old style base housing no longer in use. These rooms cost $32 a night plus an addition $10 pet fee. There is high demand for these units and they are booked on a first come first serve basis.

Personnel or their sponsors should make reservations as soon as they are clear on their arrival dates. You can make reservations by emailing or calling the Misawa Inn at DSN 315-222-0282; 011-81-176-66-0282; Fax: 315-226-2165; 011-81-176-77-2165. You must show a copy of your orders at check in.

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