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Installation Overview -- Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota


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Installation Overview -- Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota

Memorial Middle School on Minot AFB for Grades 7 and 8

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

There are no DoD schools at Minot AFB. The Minot Public School system operates the public schools that the base children will be attending. The Minot Public School District has 11 elementary schools located in the city: Bel Air , Bell , Edison , Lewis and Clark , Lincoln , Longfellow , McKinley , Roosevelt , Perkett , Sunnyside and Washington . There are also two elementary schools located on the Minot Air Force Base, Dakota and North Plains .

There are two middle schools in the city, Jim Hill and Erik Ramstad . Memorial Middle School is located on Minot Air Force Base.

Base children are bused to school during the winter months. The buses run from November to March. Exact dates are always posted ahead of time.

There is one high school on two campuses: Minot High School - Central Campus (for grades 9 and 10) and Minot High School - Magic City Campus (for grades 11 and 12). Bus service is available to take the high school students the 10 miles to Minot.

Minot Public Schools also offers an Adult Learning Center and Souris River Campus , an alternative school. Minot Public Schools also provide a Head Start program for 0-5 year olds.

For private schools, Minot has a Catholic school system with two elementary schools, St. Leo's and Little Flower, and a combined middle and high school, Bishop Ryan. There is also a Protestant K-12 school, Our Redeemer's Christian School .

Parents may also select to participate in Home Schooling.

All Public Schools have a 9 month school year. The school year begins one week before Labor Day and ends Memorial Day Weekend.

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