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Installation Overview -- McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey


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Installation Overview -- McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey

Elementary School, FCN

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Children who live in McGuire Family Housing attend elementary school (K4-6) in the North Hanover Township School District and middle and senior high school in the Northern Burlington County Regional School District. The following four townships make up the Northern Burlington County Regional District: North Hanover, Mansfield, Chesterfield and Springfield townships.

North Hanover Township is very rural with few rental or home-purchase options. If you do not reside in McGuire base housing it is unlikely you will find off-base housing to rent or purchase in this school district. The four townships comprising the middle/high school district are also very rural with limited housing to rent or purchase. The vast majority of McGuire families living off-base do not live in these four townships.

Individuals who are living in Air Force housing on Fort Dix will be located in the Pemberton Township School District.

It would be helpful, if at all possible, to determine where you will live prior to relocating school-aged children to McGuire. If you are residing in temporary lodging you should be able to register your children in the North Hanover Township Schools (adjacent to family housing) on a temporary basis (a month or two). You will need a letter from the Housing Office stating you are on the housing waiting list. A similar arrangement is available for temporary registration at Northern Burlington Regional Middle or High School. This "special" arrangement is designed to assist families with school -aged children until the family is settled in quarters--this process generally takes from a week to two months. It is unfortunate, but families who secure a six- month or one-year lease off base, must register their children in the district whre they reside, even if they anticipate moving into McGuire family housing within six months to a year. It is possible to pay "out of district" tuition which ranges from $2500/yr (Kindergarten) to $8,000/year (High School).

McGuire AFB is located within commuting distance of many 2-year, 4-year colleges and universities, and, many vocational, technical, and trade schools.

The McGuire AFB houses over five colleges on base designed to support our military and civilian community. Each college offers accelerated degree programs daily and on weekends. The Education Center provides academic advisement and counseling to students. Tuition assistance is available for eligible students. Some financial assistance may be sponsored by various installation clubs and organizations. Contact the Education Office upon arrival for more detailed educational assistance on base and within the community.

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