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Installation Overview -- McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview -- McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey

All American Inn building entrance

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Temporary Lodging Facility (TLFs-Falcon Lodge) is the main lodging facility for families PCSing to McGuire. The TLFs (Bldgs 2418/9) are located on Tuskegee Airman Ave, next to the Child Development Center and across the street from the Welcome Center (Airman and Family Readiness Center).

Each TLF is equipped with a small eat-in kitchen, living room with sleeper sofa, bedroom and bathroom.

Most PCS-in families (all with children) will be assigned to the TLF. You should have reservations; in summer, you must have reservations. TLFs are severely limited during the summer months due to high turnover of personnel. PCS-in families are usually allowed 30 days of TLF; this may be reduced to 20 days or less during the summer months.

*During the summer some VOQ/VAQ units may be converted to TLQ "suites" - two rooms separated by a bath with no cooking facilities other than a microwave in the hall. The Billeting staff will make every effort to ensure you have temporary lodging on base. You may be referred to the Doughboy Inn at Ft Dix (see below).

Military members are fully reimbursed for temporary lodging for a maximum of ten days only, during the PCS process (in & out combined). Military members can choose the "most expensive 10 days" to file for TLE. At McGuire, the maximum TLE allowed is $105/day. Other than these 10 days, military members draw BAH. Check your BAH rates so you are fully aware of the cost, over time of temporary lodging.

Cost of lodging for military members is based on what temporary lodging facility you will be occupying (regular or family style) cost ranges from $24.50-$32.00.

Pets are not allowed in the TLF.

Fort Dix Lodging is available for active duty personnel/families. The Doughboy Inn is the primary TLF facility for PCS-in/out families. It offers nice, standard type motel lodging--large room with two double beds, desk, small refrigerator and bathroom. Cooking/eating facilities are available near the reception area. It's about a 6-8 minute drive from the center of MAFB.

The base FAM-CAMP is operated by the Outdoor Recreation Office and the Outdoor Recreation Office (724-2145). This is a seasonal operation open from April thru Nov. Six full hook ups, water, sewage & electric and restroom/shower facilities. Limited over flow sites and a tent area, grills and picnic tables are also available. Campers may reserve a site for a maximum of 7 days and may be extended on a space available basis. PCS-in families will be given priority in the FAM CAMP.

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