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Installation Overview -- McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview -- McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey

McGuire AFB is located in beautiful south central New Jersey, approximately 15 miles from Trenton, 45 minutes from Philadelphia and Atlantic City, and 90 minutes from New York City.

Driving to McGuire Air Force Base from local major airports
A. From Newark International Airport
1) When leaving the airport complex, follow signs to the New Jersey Turnpike - South (I-95 in northern NJ)
2) Stay on the New Jersey Turnpike - South to Exit 7.
3) Follow New Jersey Turnpike Exit 7 directions below.

B. From Philadelphia International Airport
1) Leaving the airport, follow signs for I-95 / I-76 / Philadelphia / New Jersey, keep LEFT onto ramp
2) Move into the LEFT lane as road spits onto I-95
3) At exit 19, stay RIGHT onto ramp for "I-76 / Walt Whitman Br / Packer Ave" (follow signs for Walt Whitman Bridge)
4) Take ramp (RIGHT) onto I-76/Schuylkill Expressway, I-76/Walt Whitman Bridge
5) Entering New Jersey, take ramp (RIGHT) onto I-295/ Trenton
6) At this point you may choose one of the following options:
a. Take I-295 north to Exit 56 (Signposted for "McGuire/ Military Bases") Follow signs to 206/68 south. Once you are on 206 south, follow directions below in Section C, steps 1 through 6.
b. Take New Jersey Turnpike - North to Exit 7 and follow directions below. (There is a toll, however it is an easier route.)
c. Take I-295 north to Exit 34 East to Rt 38 Mt Holly
Turn LEFT onto Rt 206 North, Turn RIGHT at light onto Rt 537/Monmouth Road, Turn RIGHT at light onto RT 545 (Garden State Diner is across the intersection on the right)
Follow the directions below in Section C, steps 5 and 6

C. From New Jersey Turnpike Exit 7:
d. Take 206 South for approx. 1/4 mile. Stay in left lane to the intersection of 206/68 ("Y").
e. Turn left on 68 and drive approximately 4 miles. Look for a sign pointing left to "McGuire/Deborah Hospital."
f. Turn left at that sign across the opposite lanes of Hwy 68. You will come to a "T" intersection almost immediately.
g. Make a right turn; you are now on Hwy 545 heading south. Stay on this road for approximately 2 miles. You will cross Hwy 537 (light) at the 1½ mile point.
h. Stay in the left lane; ½ mile beyond the light you will veer left onto the 4-lane McGuire Access Road, Hwy 680. There is a sign for McGuire AFB. This road will "T" intersect at the McGuire Main Gate (# 1)
i. To enter through Gate 1, turn left at the light, go to the next stop light, turn RIGHT to enter the 24 hour gate and/or access the visitor center

NOTE: Those arriving after normal duty hours and visitors without government ID AND authorized vehicle decal must use Gate 2.
McGuire Air Force Base
Gate hours (may change without notice):
Gate 1 M-F 0600 -1800 Closed weekends and holidays -
Government ID and vehicle decal required to access installation through this gate.
Gate 2 Open 24 hours Visitor's Facility

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