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Installation Overview -- Maxwell Air Force Base and Gunter Annex, Alabama


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Installation Overview -- Maxwell Air Force Base and Gunter Annex, Alabama

Maxwell AFB Elementary

Photo courtesy USAF

There is one DDESS Elementary School on Maxwell AFB. Students in grades 4 yr old preschool - 6th grade who reside in permanent housing on Maxwell AFB and Gunter Annex are entitled to attend the DOD Elementary School located on Maxwell AFB.

Students living on base in grades 7-12 are zoned in the Montgomery County Public School System. Students at Maxwell are zoned for Carver Senior High School and McIntyre Middle School. Both are located approximately 4 miles from Maxwell. Bus service is also provided. Students living on Gunter Annex are zoned for Lee High School and Goodwyn Junior High School. Each is approximately 5 miles from Gunter Annex and bus service is provided.

Schools in the area surrounding Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook and Wetumpka educate children in grades kindergarten through 12. There are three county public school systems serving this area: Montgomery County School System; Autauga County School System; and Elmore County Schools. Transportation is provided to students enrolled in the public schools. All County public schools are accredited by the State of Alabama and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. A standard academic curriculum is available to students in all grades, and vocational centers serve those who are technically oriented. Innovative and challenging programs for the intellectually gifted and academically talented begin at the elementary school level and extend into high school where there are many advanced offerings. In addition, special schools serve blind, partially sighted, deaf, or partially deaf students. Speech therapy is available in all elementary schools, and homebound services exist for youngsters who are unable to attend classes. Special services are also available for students classified as educable mentally retarded, trainable mentally retarded, learning disabled and emotionally conflicted.

There are also a number of private schools, many with religious orientations, located in the Montgomery and surrounding areas. The area's independent and parochial schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or by the Alabama Independent School Association.

For information on Home Schooling in Alabama, contact the State Department of Education, School Safety, Discipline, and Attendance Division, P.O. Box 302101, Montgomery, AL 36130-2101, Phone (334) 242-8165, Fax (334) 353-5962.

Maxwell and Gunter Annex both have a Base Education Center that is the focal point for all education programs at Maxwell and Gunter Annex. Available degree programs range from Associate through Doctorate. Professional guidance counselors are available for both active duty and dependents on an appointment basis.

There are six colleges and universities in Montgomery with many academic programs available.

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