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Installation Overview --Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana


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Main Phone Numbers
Installation Overview --Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana

Capt. Dan Bunch, 20th Air Force Combat Capability Evaluation Team

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo credit: Tech. Sgt. Marcus McDonald

Base Operator DSN 632-1110 (406) 731-1110

Billeting 406-727-8600 DSN: 632-3394

Child Development Center 406-731-2417 DSN: 632-2417

Dental Clinic 406-731-2846

Fam Camp Office 406-731-3263/4202 DSN: 632-3263/4202

Family Child Care Homes 406-731-2116 DSN: 632-2116


Housing Management Office 406-731-3056/4623 DSN: 632-3056/4623

Malmstrom Medical Group 406-731-4633 / 1-888-874-9378

Youth Activity Center 406-731-2422/4634 DSN: 632-2422/4634

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