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Installation Overview -- Langley Air Force Base, Virginia


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Each child entering the Virginia school system must have a complete physical within the last year prior to enrollment. This requirement is mandated through Virginia Commonwealth law. You should try to get each school age child a physical prior to departure from your current base. Although physicals can be administered at the Langley hospital, appointments are on a space available basis only.

The minimum requirements for immunizations are:
4 DPT - first dose after first birthday, fourth dose after fourth birthday
3 OPV - first dose after first birthday, third dose after fourth birthday
2 MMR - first dose after first birthday, second dose after fourth birthday (Minimum of one month separation between these two doses)
1 Rubella after 365 days of life
1 Mumps after 365 days of life
Tuberculin Skin Test as directed by physician

Birth certificates from the state where the child was born are required. Certificates issued by a hospital or agencies other than the state government are not sufficient. For U.S. citizens with children born outside the United States, the Certification of Birth of U.S. Citizen's born abroad, issued by the State Department, is sufficient. All students enrolled in public school are required to have a social security number.

If interested in Home Schooling, contact the local school district for information.

The Hampton Roads area, which some consider the military capitol of the nation, includes various military installations representing all branches of service. As a result, some schools have a high concentration of military children.

The Peninsula has numerous private schools at every level of schooling. Many are religiously affiliated. There are waiting lists at many schools, particularly for first grade classes. Most schools require admissions tests. Tuition varies widely and increases with the grade level at most institutions. Preschoolers can pay as much as $2,000 for five-day week program. High school costs can range from $3,000-$5,000 a year. In addition to basic fees, students pay for books and transportation. Most private schools do not provide transportation. Not all private schools are accredited.

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