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Installation Overview -- Langley Air Force Base, Virginia


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview -- Langley Air Force Base, Virginia

Langley Air Force Base is located three miles north of the city of Hampton on the Virginia Penisula. It is separated from Norfolk by the Chesapeake River.

If you are traveling southeast from Richmond on Interstate 64 East to Langley, merge onto US-258 (Mercury Blvd) via exit 263-B and travel 2.1 miles. Be in the right lane and merge onto VA 167 E (LaSalle Avenue)and you will dead-end into the base gate.

If you are traveling northeast from the James River Bridge via U.S. Route 17-258, take West Mecury Boulevard to LaSalle Avenue.

If traveling north from Norfolk , take Interstate 64 West through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel to exit 265-B and turn right onto LaSalle Blvd.

If you are approaching Hampton traveling from Emporia (I-95) take US-58 E for approx. 66 miles. Merge onto I-64 E/Hampton Roads via exit 1B toward Norfolk/Va Beach. Shortly thereafter, take exit 265-C toward Langley AFB. Turn right onto Rip Rap Road; then a slight right onto Armistead Ave, and another short right onto LaSalle Avenue.

If you are traveling south on Hwy 17 , continue until you reach Interstate 64. Take the interstate east until you exit at Armistead Avenue (north)and then to LaSalle Ave.

All of these streets have signs marked "Langley Air Force Base."

If you are travelling to Langley via air, please make sure that you have someone to meet your flight or make rental car arrangements. There is no shuttle service to the base from either airport.

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