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Installation Overview --Royal Air Force Station Lakenheath, Suffolk, United King


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Medical Care
Installation Overview --Royal Air Force Station Lakenheath, Suffolk, United King

Capt. Cynthia LeFrere, 48th Medical Operations Squadron nurse, uses the new Emergency Severity Index to asses her patient in the emergency room.

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Staff Sgt. Megan Lyon

The 48th Medical Group (48 MDG) at RAF Lakenheath is the largest Air Force medical facility in Europe, providing general and specialized medical services to more than 700 military and civilian members. The 48 MDG is the referral medical facility for the US Air Force, Navy and Army personnel assigned to the United Kingdom, as well as a referral facility for USAFE. Its focus is to provide customers with local service whenever possible.

The group also offers several surgical procedures performed nowhere else in the USAFE. The 48 MDG provides the highest possible quality medical and dental care to all patients. The 48 MDG averages 15,000 patient visits, 350 admissions, 261 surgical procedures and 60 births per month. The medical group provides care for over 26,000 beneficiaries, including pay patients, locally and another 10,000 throughout Britain and northern Europe.

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