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Installation Overview --Royal Air Force Station Lakenheath, Suffolk, United King


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Installation Overview --Royal Air Force Station Lakenheath, Suffolk, United King

Franziska Christianson, Lakenheath High School senior, labels books at the Lakenheath Intermediate School library.

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Elysia Garcia

RAF Lakenheath or RAF Mildenhall have three basic methods for educating school-age children. They are Department of Defense Dependents Schools, British Schools or home schooling.

All Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) are accredited by the North Central Association (NCA) of Colleges and Schools. RAF Lakenheath has a total of five schools. There is one intermediate school with grades 4th and 5th, two elementary schools with grades kindergarten through 5th, one middle school with grades 6th through 8th, and one high school with grades 9th through 12th. Tuition-free, space-required enrollment is limited to command-sponsored pupils. The child's name must appear on the sponsor's overseas travel orders as proof of command sponsorship. Others may be admitted on a space-available basis, either tuition-free or tuition paying. Registration for new students takes place year-round.

School Registration is an annual requirement by DoD Regulation to determine continued eligibility for school enrollment. Accurate and complete school enrollments assist principals and district superintendents in projecting appropriate resources to support the coming school year.

DoDDS-E Students can register by either visiting the school and registering in person or you may register on-line.Registering on-line still requires a visit to the school to finalize the registration process.

Approval for the enrollment of an eligible minor dependent of a DoD sponsor must be obtained from DoDDS Europe prior to enrolling a child in a Non DoD school.

You can home school your children while you are in the UK if you choose. There are several support groups on RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall for home schooling families. Students who are home schooled can participate in "auxiliary services" if they meet DODDS registration requirements and register at the school.

Pupil transportation within DoDDS is provided based on pre-determined Catchment Areas. When you register your child for school you will be provided a school bus registration form. All students must be registered at the appropriate school bus office, as well as at the school, prior to riding a school bus. For question or concerns, please contact Lakenheath Bus Office at 01638-52-2304 or Feltwell Bus Office at 01638-52-7007.

For adults wishing to start or continue their education, five colleges/universities serve the community offering undergraduate certificate and degree programs to graduate degrees. The Spouse Tuition Assistance Program is available to help RAF Lakenheath spouses pursue their education while stationed overseas. More information can be obtained through the Education Office or Airman and Family Readiness Center. Additional educational opportunities can be found in the surrounding British communities.

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