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Installation Overview --Lajes Field, Portugal


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Installation Overview --Lajes Field, Portugal

Nascer Housing

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

There are 400 Military Family Housing units located at Lajes Field. This figure includes 82 officer housing units and 318 enlisted housing units. All housing units are equipped with heating/air conditioning systems. Lajes Field is a limited weight area for household goods shipments. All authorized personnel will be provided furniture and appliances by the US Government with the exception of stereos, microwaves, Tvs, and baby furniture. Before you ship any furniture, please speak with your sponsor at Lajes for assistance in deciding what you should bring. Only two pets are authorized in base housing; however, waivers can be granted on a case by case basis. For more information contact the Housing Office at COM: 011 -351-295-57-3507; DSN: 535-3507. Submit an advance application with orders for base housing through your current housing office. Your sponsor can make advance arrangements for your room.

All incoming personnel are required to provide their own telephones in base housing. They may be purchased from the Lajes Base Exchange upon arrival, or bring one or two with you. Most of the housing units have a plug in the kitchen area, living area and one in the bedroom. Be sure the phone has a pulse-tone option.

The base electric power is110V/50 cycles on base and in base housing. However, the electric power off base is typical of Europe: 220V/50 cycles. Most American motorized appliances are 50/60 cycle capable. Check the specification label on your appliance. Heating element type items are not a problem. To use American appliances off-base requires a transformer. Most of the landlords have installed a transformer to convert the entire house to 110V.

All dorms are managed by the Central Dormitory Management Office. There inventory consists of 2 Dormitory 2+2 style rooms. The rooms are available to personnel arriving on unaccompanied orders. Personnel will need to bring their own television, stereo, etc. All E-4 and below will reside in the Dorms. All E-4's and above will be provided referral services for off base housing. The requirements for residing in the dorms are subject to change based on the occupancy levels. All authorized personnel will be provided with Government Furniture support.

Off-base housing is smaller than U.S. standards and does not have many amenities that we are used to, i.e., central heating. Finding rentals that accept pets here is generally not a problem but there are some who will not accept pets. You will be allowed to have only two pets in family housing. You must register your pet at the veterinary clinic within 72 hours of the pet's arrival.

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