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Installation Overview --Lajes Field, Portugal


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview --Lajes Field, Portugal

Mid Atlantic Lodge Front Door

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Due to the increase of incoming personnel during the summer months (May through August), base temporary quarters are extremely limited and the waiting time for housing may be longer than usual for some personnel. Personnel should consider arriving ahead of their families to secure housing before their family arrives, especially if their sponsor has been unable to secure billeting reservations. Hotels and motels are extremely limited and very expensive.

Temporary Lodging is located in Building T-166. It is open 24 hours daily. The Mid-Atlantic Lodge provides high quality lodging service for transient personnel at Lajes Field.

TLA is established to reimburse lodging costs while you reside in temporary quarters.

You are authorized up to 60 days in temporary lodging. This does not constitute an automatic approval. You must be actively pursuing housing. If additional days are needed, a written request with your commander's endorsement must be submitted to the Housing Office. This request will be forwarded to 65 MSG/CC for consideration. Pets are not allowed in temporary lodging. If you have any questions regarding TLA, please contact the Housing Office immediately.

You must file a TLA claim every 10 days to the Housing Office. You will need to provide the Housing Office proof that you are looking for housing or that you have secured a place either on or off base.

You must bring in 3 copies of your orders, a paid receipt from billeting and fill out an AF Form 1357, Request for Temporary Allowance. You will be reimbursed by the Finance Office in your paycheck. Any questions regarding your pay should be directed to Finance. at extension 25158. The Housing Office does not perform the actual computations for your TLA.

Unaccompanied enlisted personnel must aggressively seek a dorm room through the Central Dorm Manager. If a room is not available, TLA may be approved, but you need a letter of non-availability. Check with the Central Dorm Manager first.

If you decline housing for on or off-base, your TLA will be stopped the day that the unit on base would have been available for occupancy. Waiting for off-base housing that accepts pets does not constitute an acceptable reason to decline a house. TLA can be stopped for this reason.

Military married to military will each need to bring a set of orders to the Housing Office to file for TLA.

You must be on the Waiting List to be eligible for TLA.

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