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Installation Overview --Lajes Field, Portugal


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --Lajes Field, Portugal

The Azores are a group of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean about 2,200 miles east of New York City and approximately 900 miles west of Lisbon, Portugal. Lajes Field is located on the northeast tip of Terceira. The island measures roughly 8 miles by 15 miles and is somewhat oval in shape and is almost entirely bordered by high cliffs.

The Portuguese civilian terminal shares the runway with the American and Portuguese military. All military flights will arrive on the American side of the shared runway. If arriving on a commercial flight one will arrive on the Portuguese side. Your sponsor should be there to greet you either way.

If your sponsor is not there to pick you up at the Portuguese terminal a taxi will charge approximately ten Euro from the commercial Airport to Lajes Air base. You can withdraw Euro with your debit card from the terminal on base. Your driver will take you there and will know where lodging is as well.

If one were to drive themselves they would take the only exit out of the Portuguese terminal and come to a traffic circle. Go 3/4 around the circle as though you were turning left. Approximately 1/4 mile down the road is a large white church on the right and a "Post Um" sign. At this intersection you will turn left. Follow this road for 1/2 mile to a traffic circle and go around to the left again as before. You are now on base.

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