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Installation Overview -- Lackland Air Force Base, Texas


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Installation Overview -- Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

Lackland Independent School District Office

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

San Antonio has 14 independent school districts, each independently administered and accredited by the Texas Education Agency in Austin. Children attend school in the district where his/her family address is located. SA does not bus students across district boundaries; bus transportation is provided for individuals living at least 2 miles from the school.

MAGNET SCHOOLS: The Northside Independent School District and the business community have collaboratively combined their resources to create the innovative Northside Business Careers High School (BCHS), located on the Holmes High School campus. BCHS prepares students for the business world by offering a curriculum of business courses. Qualified students completing the 8th grade in any Bexar County middle school can apply for admission. Enrollment cap: 617. Call 706-7070 for information.

COMMUNICATION ARTS HIGH SCHOOL (CAHS): Trinity University and several SA media companies established CAHS that uses journalism and communication skills as the foundation for a full high school curriculum. Partners in the venture include the SA Express-News, KSAT-TV, and WOAI Radio. Enrollment cap: 111

HEALTH CAREERS HIGH SCHOOL (HCHS): HCHS, under the aegis of the Northside Independent School District, offers curricula for both college-bound students preparing for health-related professions and students interested in careers in the health professions that don't necessarily require college. Out-of-district students may also attend. Enrollment cap : 800. Call 617-5400 for information.

ARTS HIGH SCHOOL (AHS): Opened by the community group Citizens for the Arts High School of SA, AHS located at Jefferson High School. Enrollment is now offered only to middle school students. In 4 years, school officials expect to open it to all grades. AHS is sponsored by the SA Independent School District. For information, call (210)299-5500.

DATA AND TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY (DATA): Located at Roosevelt High School in the Northeast Side Independent School District (NEISD.) Focuses on engineering, design, technology and math through the use of computers. Out of district students are accepted at the freshmen and sophomore level only. The program partners with Texas A&M, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), San Antonio College (SAC), and local chapters ot eh American Institute of Architects, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Enrollment is capped at 125, and students are selected through a lottery sustem rather than academic achievement at the junior high school level. For more information call 210-650-1282.

Uniforms are worn at many of the public schools in San Antonio.

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