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Installation Overview -- Lackland Air Force Base, Texas


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Installation Overview -- Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

Military housing for enlisted ranks- Airman Scott Village

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Lackland AFB has a total of 182 military family housing units located on Kelly USA. There are 684 privatized housing units located on Lackland, and Lackland Training Annex. Housing areas include Yount Circle, Capehart, Zachary, Wherry Phase I and II, Airman Scott Village I and II and Kelly Housing USA.

You may visit the housing office at your current installation to complete an advance housing application. The housing office should give you a date-stamped copy of your advance housing application. Please keep that copy with your other hand carried documents. As soon as you arrive, take the copy to the housing office at Lackland to confirm your position on the waiting list. The staff will need a current phone number or email to reach you. If a vacancy occurs that fits your needs, they will attempt to contact you. If you did not complete an advance housing application and you want to live in government housing, complete an application as soon as possible. If you will be living in privatized unit, the Housing Office will refer you to the contractor's office to complete your application and sign your lease. Arrangements for starting or changing your BAH must be made with Accounting and Finance.

If you plan to live off-base and you are an E-5 or above, it is not necessary to check in with the housing office, unless you want to take advantage of having certain utility deposits waived. Should this be the case, take a copy of your orders to the housing office, and they will assist you with completing and faxing the necessary paperwork. Not all utility companies participate in this program.

Family housing units, whether military or privatized, are limited to no more than two pets per household, not counting birds, fish, or other container-type dwellers. . All cats and dogs must be microchipped and must be registered at the Small Animal Clinic, 210-671-3631 or DSN 312-473-3631.

With the exception of those returning from a remote assignment, there are no priority groups for base housing. It is based on the date of the housing application.

Single military personnel without children in pay grades E1 to E3, must live in a dormitory on base. There is no housing on base for E-5 and above or for single officers. There are 17 permanent party dormitories on Lackland, Lackland Training Annex, and the Kelly Annex. Reservations for dorm rooms are not accepted. Instead, personnel check in with the Central Dormitory Manager's Office (CDMO) upon their arrival for room assignment. Airmen are assigned to dormitories that are close to their work assignment. Rooms are assigned on a first come first served basis. CDMO is open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday thru Friday and is located in Bldg 1205, Room 120; phone 210-671-5951. Permission to live off base requires the approval of the unit first sergeant.

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