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Installation Overview --Kunsan Air Base, South Korea


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Main Phone Numbers
Installation Overview --Kunsan Air Base, South Korea

Staff Sgt. Randy Johnson, 8th Mission Support Group Intro Program Manager

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Senior Airman Giang Nguyen

Base Operator DSN:315-782-1110 011-82-63-470-1110

Appointment Desk 782-7069

Billeting Office 011-82-63-470-4604 DSN: 315 782-4604/5919

Dental Clinic 782-4943

DODDS Schools 738-5922

Dragon Hill Lodge (DSN) 738-2222

Education Office 011-82-63-470--5148 DSN: 315-782-5148

Flight Medicine 782-4734

Hospital Appointment Desk 011-82-63-470--4162 DSN: 315-782-4162

Hospital Dental Clinic 011-82-63-470--4943 DSN: 315-782-4943

Housing Office (Military Only, No Civilian Housing office) 011-82-63-470--4088 DSN: 315-782-4088

Kunsan AB Education Center 011-82-654-470-5148 DSN: (315) 782-5148

Primary Care Clinic 782-4323


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