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Installation Overview --Kunsan Air Base, South Korea


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --Kunsan Air Base, South Korea

Kunsan AB is located on the western side of the South Korean peninsula bordered by the yellow sea. It is approximately 150 miles south of Seoul. The base is named after Kunsan City, a port town seven and a half miles east of the installation, with population of approximately 300,000 people. Kunsan is just hours away from Naejangsan National Park, famous for the breathtaking colorful autumn leaves, skiing at Muju Ski Resort, and a short drive to many hot springs resorts located throughout the Republic of Korea. Chejudo Island is a favorite tourist spot. It is only an hour flying from Kunsan. Located just 200 miles south of Kunsan in the Namhae (South Sea) it is often referred to as the "Hawaii of Korea". Many interesting sites, to include temples and historical landmarks are within an easy driving distance.

Kunsan and Gunsan are the same words when written in Korean. However, Kunsan usually refers to the USAF base and Gunsan refers to the City that is about 8 miles northeast.

All personnel PCSing to Kunsan AB will arrive at Incheon International Airport (ICN), located about 25 miles west of Seoul, Korea. After arriving at ICN you will go through Immigrations and then Customs. Normally the paperwork for both will be filled out on the airplane prior to your arrival.

Free Military shuttles run back and forth between Incheon IA and Yongsan Army Garrison where you can get a bus that goes to Osan AB. You can sign up for the free shuttle at the USO Counter.

Commercial transportation includes different bus options from Incheon IA (a) limousine bus to Iksan where you can then take a taxi to Kunsan AB or (b) limousine bus to Seoul express bus terminal, where you then change to the bus bound for Gunsan City, and upon arrival in Gunsan, take a taxi or local bus to Kunsan AB.The bus you choose often depends upon what time you arrive. Employees at the USO travel desk inside the airport are ready to assist you.

Taxis are generally available if you should happen to arrive after a bus has departed. If you use a taxi, you should use an AAFES Taxi. AAFES Taxi's have a set price of $100.00 to go to Osan and $220.00 to go to Kunsan. Usually, there are several people trying to find transportation to Osan. Recommendation is to try and share a taxi. The cost will be lower per person and you will have company for the long taxi ride.

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