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Installation Overview --Kunsan Air Base, South Korea


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Installation Overview --Kunsan Air Base, South Korea

Kunsan Main Gate

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Kunsan AB is located on the western side of the South Korean peninsula bordered by the yellow sea. It is approximately 150 miles south of Seoul. The base is named after Kunsan City, a port town seven and a half miles east of the installation. Many interesting sites, to include temples and historical landmarks are within an easy driving distance. It is one of two major Air Force installations operated by the United States in Korea, the other being Osan Air Base.

Kunsan AB was often referred to as the last of the "warrior bases." As an unaccompanied remote tour, servicemen and women would spend a quick 12 months at the "tip of the spear," fulfilling the wing's mission, "To deliver lethal airpower when and where directed by the Air Component Commander.

Kunsan AB is a true remote assignment.Kunsan is not configured to provide adequate support to family members as it often comes at the expense of the permanent party people. There is a limited selection in our commissary and exchange, and the wing is not manned or funded to provide attention to the family requests that result when both the military member and spouse reside in the Kunsan area There is absolutely no family housing at Kunsan AB.

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