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Installation Overview --Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi


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Child Care
Installation Overview --Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi

Two-year-olds Keira Brindle, left, and Julian Ozaeta meet Sparky the Fire Dog during a visit to the child development center at Keesler .

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Kemberly Groue

Keesler Air Force Base offers child care services through the Child Development Center (CDC) and Family Child Care Program (FCCP). Periodically, there are waiting lists for certain ages of children.

The Keesler Child Development Center is located at 604 J Street and can be reached at 228-377-2211 or DSN 312-597-2211.

Special programs such as day camps and special pre-school programs, which are offered through the Child Development Center often require early registration and fill up very fast.

Shot records and an AF Form 1182 are needed for enrollment; fees are set by provider with the exception of full time care which is based on total family income and in line with the CDC fees. There is no priority care available, a waiting list is maintained by the FCC Office. For more information, call the Family Child Care Office at 228-377-3189 or DSN 312-597-3189.

The Family Child Care Home Program offers home-based child care in licensed homes for children ages two weeks through twelve years. These self-employed providers operate their home independently in compliance with strict Air Force policies, including frequent inspections and close monitoring by the Family Child Care staff. Extensive background screening and orientation training must be completed prior to licensing. Full time, part time, hourly, weekends, extended hours and school age care is available.

For teens and youth, the Youth Activities Center offers many programs. Children's theater, dance studios, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H, the YMCA, summer drama camps for teens and school activities give youth plenty of opportunities to socialize, learn and grow. An open Recreation program is for youth age 9 and older - youths may sign themselves into the program.

A series of camps are offered; Summer camp for teens age 13 - 17 year olds and a school age camp for 5 year olds (that HAVE attended all day pre-K) - 12 year olds. The cost is determined by family income. The camps offer fantastic recreation and learning opportunities from 4-H projects, field trips, community service projects, gardening, sports and physical fitness. During the school year, Before/After school program for youth ages 6-12 years. The program provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.

There is a Youth Employment Service for youth 14 and older for teens with active duty AF parents. Youth are assigned to various work units throughout the base to earn credits for college at the rate of $4 per volunteer hour, with a maximum of $1000 through 12th grade.

For additional information or a packet of information for your child/teen, contact Youth Activities, 228-377-4116 or DSN 312-597-4116.

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