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Installation Overview --Kadena Air Base, Japan


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Child Care
Installation Overview --Kadena Air Base, Japan

Niko Niko Child Development Center

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

All Kadena Child Development Centers have been accredited by the national Association for the Education of Young Children. Staffing in our overseas location is our greatest challenge. If you live on Okinawa or are PCSing to Okinawa, consider a career in Child Development. Training is provided on the job and the rewards are great.

A copy of the sponsor's orders and completion of a DD Form 2606 for each child is required to place children in the CDC. Kadena currently has 3 centers on base: Shima No Ko located in Building 4081, Niko Niko located in Building 334 and Wakaba located in Building 132. The centers serve children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years of age and currently have more than 600 children enrolled in the programs.

Before and after kindergarten programs are available and a part-day preschool program is offered for children 3-5 years of age. All 3 facilities provide full-day care. In addition, an hourly care program is offered at each facility for children 6 months to 5 years of age.

Weekly fees are based on total family income in accordance with DoD guidelines. Fees for hourly care are $3.50 per hour and reservations may be made for up to 10 hours of care per week.

There is a waiting list for full time care. Priority is given to single and dual military families; however, families should be prepared to contact family child care homes for care upon arrival. Waiting times for center-based care may vary depending upon the age of the child. For information about the waiting list for full day care, please contact the Child Development Center at DSN 315-632-7693.

Family Child Care (FCC) is offered to children in licensed providers' quarters. The FCC program offers a wide variety of quality services including early infant care, before and after school care, extended duty care (for temporary shift changes, early morning PT), full time and drop-in care.

Some FCC providers participate in the free PCSing Child Care Program paid for by the Air Force Aid Society. All ranks are eligible for 20 hours of care per child within the first 60 days after arrival on Okinawa and the last 60 days before departure on a space-available basis. If a shortage of care spaces exists, priority will go to E5s and below.

The Youth Programs operates a School Age Program to provide supervised care for young, school-aged children before and after school.

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