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Installation Overview --Kadena Air Base, Japan


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Installation Overview --Kadena Air Base, Japan

Multiplex Housing

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

All Housing on the island is managed by the Housing Office on Kadena AB. Effective 1 August 2009, all inbound accompanied military personnel will be required to reside on base. Military assignemnts will take priority over civilian assignments. Civilians will be assigned on an excess inventory basis only. Newly assigned military members will be introduced to the new housing program through their mandatory Family Housing Overview brief.

Eligible personnel must submit an advance application (DD Fm 1746, Application for Assignment to Housing) to the gaining installation for family housing at any time after they have received PCS or active duty orders. Applicants should provide any information regarding an impending promotion, an expected increase in the number of dependents, or a family member's maturation which would qualify an eligible applicant for more bedrooms within the next 12 months. If advance application is not received, member will receive the date of walk-in as the application/eligibility date on the wait list. This form should be mailed along with a copy of orders to the following address: 718 CES/CEH, Unit 5261, APO AP 96368-5261.

Within the first three days after arriving on station, all personnel should report to the Housing Office. The first appointment is a mass in-processing briefing. All off-base housing must be approved by the Housing Office before a lease is signed. Pets are not authorized in any of the on-base high-rise or mid-rise apartments.

There are 17 base dormitories providing living quarters for unaccompanied airmen, noncommissioned officers and officers. Unaccompanied personnel E-5 and below are not authorized to live off base. Most organizational enlisted dormitories are private rooms with communal bathrooms. Many of the dorms are undergoing renovations at this time so make sure to talk to your sponsor for more information about where you will be living. Unaccompanied personnel should FAX or e-mail a copy of your orders to their sponsor, so a room may be reserved prior to your arrival.

Kadena has 47 apartment-style quarters in 2 buildings which meet standards for all officers and civilian equivalents. Each apartment consists of a living room, bedroom, private bathroom and kitchen. Apartments are fully furnished, carpeted and have central air conditioning. There are 135 rooms designated as unaccompanied NCO quarters. They have private bathrooms and central air conditioning.

Kadena Housing Office does not have specially designated EFM housing. However, the Housing Office can work with families individually and on a case-by-case basis to best accomodate EFM needs.

Non-command sponsored individuals are not eligible for government housing. If you do not have an area clearance, you are not eligible for government housing.

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