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Installation Overview --Kadena Air Base, Japan


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview --Kadena Air Base, Japan

Shogun Inn

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The main lodging office is located at the Shogun Inn, Bldg. 332. To make reservations, please call 1-888-AF-LODGE. Cost for on-base quarters is based on where you are assigned and not what your rank is. VQs/VOQ/VAQ rates are approximately $39.00 per night. If on-base quarters are not available, then contract quarters for TDY guests will be utilized. Non-availability statements/numbers are issued when on base quarters and contract quarters are not available. Distinguished Visitor (DV) Suites are available for O-6's and above (civilian equivalent). Individuals requesting DV suites should contact Wing Protocol at DSN 315-634-0106/1808.

There are 122 family units on Kadena AB with a cost of $42 per night per family. Due to the high volume of guests, families PCSing are authorized a maximum of 30 days in the TLFs. It is important that you or your sponsor make reservations for TLF as soon as you receive your port call. Rates for off-base hotels average approximately $125 per night and vary according to the hotel, season, and size of family. A list of off-base hotels is available to you or your sponsor at the Shogun Inn front desk.

Pets are authorized to stay at the Shogun Inn, if pet rooms are available. Contact your sponsor for assistance if traveling with pets.

If you will be living in a dorm, have your sponsor arrange for your room prior to your arrival. If dorm rooms are available, billeting is not authorized. Dormitories vary with your squadron of assignment. Check with your sponsor for current dormitory requirements.

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