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Installation Overview --Izmir Air Base, Turkey


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Installation Overview --Izmir Air Base, Turkey

Allied Air Component Command Izmir (CC - Air HQ Izmir)

Photo courtesy U. S. Army NATO

Izmir Air Station is a United States Air Force facility in Turkey. It is located 200miles SSW of Istanbul, on the western coast of Turkey. Izmir is an ancient city facing the Aegean Sea and is one of Turkey's largest cities and a major port.

The ABS operates from within the community rather than on a base. The squadron does everything normally accomplished by a wing with the exception of operations. Its primary mission is to support all U.S. and NATO units in Izmir. Additionally, the squadron manages U.S. support to Cigli Air Base, a nearby Turkish Air Force Base. The ABS is headquartered in an eight-story office building three blocks from Izmir Bay. Other functions, including the commissary, base exchange and chapel, are housed in leased buildings located throughout the city.

In April 2002, the base transited to a unaccompanied tour. As a result, the Izmir American School closed in June 2002. For nearly 50 years, the school had educated the children of U.S. military people assigned to NATO's Joint Command Southeast headquarters and the 425th Air Base Squadron there.

425 Air Base Squadron does not have a public website.

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