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Installation Overview --Incirlik Air Base, Turkey


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Installation Overview --Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

High School courtyard

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Incirlik American High School and the Elementary School are Department of Defense schools located on base. There are no public schools off base. These two facilities are adjacent to each other. The elementary school grades are preschool through grade six. Preschool is included under the Sure Start Program. The junior and senior high schools are combined in the same facility. All command-sponsored students attend one of these two schools.

IUS offers classes from Pre-K - 12th grade. All major subject area are covered to include honors and AP classes, English as a Second Language, Gifted Education, Health Education, Physical Education, Music, etc.

There are approximately 175 students enrolled in the high school and approximately 350 students in the elementary school. High school classes are small with the senior class graduating 20-25 students yearly. Both the elementary and high school are accredited by NCA.

All the inprocessing is handled by the District Personnel Office located in the high school. Bring lots of passport-sized photos. Every agency will require two or more. Address: Incirlik American High School or Elementary School, PSC 94, Unit 7180 APO AE 09824-0005. You can contact the high school by calling DSN 314-676-6330 or the elementary school by calling DSN 314-676-3109.

Students have the option of purchasing a lunch or bringing one from home. The USDA sponsored Free abd Reduced Lunch Program is available for those that qualify. The program is administered by the School liaison officer who can be reached at DSN 314-676-3750.

On base transportation is available for grades Pre-K through 8th grade only, and only if students live in the Falcon or Eagle Housing areas. Students that reside in the Phantom Housing area (majority enlisted) will have to walk to school. Air Force Blue buses are used in place of the traditional stateside yellow buses. The school bus office can be reached at DSN 314-676-3750/3043.

There are no before school programs provided by the school. After school programs include Varsity sports, Homework Clubs, Mentoring, Gymnastics, Running Club, Math Olympiads, Robotics and more. For more information contact the school liaison officer at DSN 314-676-3750.

You will have an ample opportunity to get a higher education from three academic institutions on base. The University of Maryland and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) and Central Texas College (CTC) all provide course programs in residence on base. The Education Center can help students find additional education programs offered by American colleges and universities operating overseas and in the United States. Distance education opportunities are enhanced by computer work stations to support on-line research by both military and DoD civilians and their adult family members.

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