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Installation Overview --Incirlik Air Base, Turkey


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Installation Overview --Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

Welcome to Turkey.

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force: photo by: Staff Sgt. Lauren Padden

Close to many of the world’s potential trouble spots—Iraq, Armenia and Iran to name a few—Incirlik Air Base is an important base in NATO’s Southern Region. Incirlik serves as a regional storage center for war reserve materiels — supplies and equipment used in combat operations.

Incirlik Air Base is located about 7.5 miles east of Adana. Adana, with a population of over one million, is the fourth largest city in Turkey, and is the heart of a rich agricultural region. Approximately one and one-half hour’s drive to the west are beautiful Mediterranean beaches with good hotels. The Adana environs are rich in historical sites, and there are frequent sightseeing trips sponsored by various base groups.

The U.S. Engineering Group began construction of the Air Base in the spring of 1951. February 21, 1955, the base was officially named Adana Air Base. In mid-1975, the Turkish government announced that all U.S. bases in Turkey would close and transfer control to the Turkish military in response to an arms embargo the U.S. Congress imposed on Turkey for using U.S.-supplied equipment during the invasion of Cyprus. Only Incirlik AB and Izmir Air Station remained open due to their NATO missions, but all other non-NATO activities at these locations ceased. Congress lifted the embargo in September 1978 and restored military assistance to Turkey. Normal operations resumed after the United States and Turkey signed a Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement March 29, 1980.

The Major Command at Incirlik Air Base is USAFE. The mission of the host 39th Air Base Wing is to help protect U.S. and NATO interests in the Southern Region by providing a responsive staging and operational air base ready to project integrated, forward-based air power.

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