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Installation Overview --Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii


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Installation Overview --Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii

Hickam Elementary School

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

There are 5 main schools that service Hickam AFB dependents. The three elementary schools that serve the base housing population are Mokulele Elementary, Hickam Elementary, and Nimitz Elementary. Aliamanu Middle is located about 5 minutes off base and is the feeder school for Radford High School (also located about 5 minutes from Hickam). All schools fall under the jurisdiction of the Hawai'i DOE.

You may contact Hickam School Liaison at (808) 448-5236 with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Although private school is an option, Hickam AFB is extremely proud of the successes of Hawai'i's Public Schools. The military has a direct line of communication with the State of Hawai'i's Department of Education's (DOE) Superintendent via the Joint Venture Education Forum (JVEF). JVEF is a partnership between the military community and the DOE to discover ways to address military educational concerns in the state of Hawai'i. Thanks to the efforts of US Senator Daniel Inouye, JVEF has received for the third consecutive year $5 million in supplemental Impact Aid funding from the federal government. The funds goes directly to support the schools attended by military children for school facility repairs, text books, new computers and equipment, etc.

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