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Installation Overview --Geilenkirchen NATO AB, Germany


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Main Phone Numbers
Installation Overview --Geilenkirchen NATO AB, Germany
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On-base Extension
x3360 Chief Communications Center

German telephone number within Germany (European telephone numbers are similar to German system):

02451-xx-xx This is the Geilenkirchen prefix or area identifier.

xxxxx-63-xxxx This is the Switchboard identifier (Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base identifiers are 63 and 99). If you are making a call within the same city code (i.e. from a 02451 number to another 02451 number), you only need to dial the individual phone number starting after the first hyphen.

xxxxx-xx-3664 For on-base extensions just dial the digits after the second hyphen.

European telephone number from Germany:

0031-46-xx-xxxxx Two zeroes precede the country code in all international dialing. Drop the zero between the country code and the prefix of the telephone number.

German telephone number from United States:

011-49-2451-63-3664 Before dialing the country code, people calling from United States must dial (011), then the country code (49), then the city code (2451), then the switchboard identifier (63), and finally the extension (3664).


Base Operator (011)49-2451-630

Billeting/Quarters 011-49-2451-63-4962

Canadian Medical Clinic 02451-99-3354

Dental Clinic (US) Appointments 02451-99-3535 / 0171-2609570 (Emergencies only)

Education Office Geilenkirchen Education Center (0049) 2451-63-2244 DSN: 314-458-6094/5/6

Geilenkirchen Child Development Center 02451-63-2216

Geilenkirchen School Age Program (01149) 2451-63-2280

Housing Office (US) (011) 49-2451-63-2224 DSN: 314-458-6032

International Pre-School (49) 2451-63-4957

Geilenkirchen Elementary School (01149) 2451-90-3080/(01149) 2451-90-3080/ (01149)06371-47-7464

School Liaison Office DSN: 314-458-6103

JFC Child Development Center (011)31-45-526-2575

JFC Housing Office (011) 31-455-26-2017

Medical Clinic (US) Appointments 02451-99-3200

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